Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Author Melissa Schroeder has a new Samhain release, THE SEDUCTION OF WIDOW MCEWAN, available today! Here's a little blurb:

A younger man bent on seduction, an older woman determined to resist, and a love that could not be denied.
Jameson McEwan, known to almost everyone as Jamie, is happy with her lot in life. Married young to a powerful older man, she has had little romance and very little experience with men—other than ordering them around on her ranch. She’d actually been in love with her first husband not knowing he had seen it as an arranged marriage. After that heartbreak she is reluctant to even think about a marriage based on love again.
Seth Conner has always wanted Jamie. From the moment he met her, his best friend’s older sister has been a bit of an obsession for him. Even at the age of sixteen he knew he wanted her, but she was married to another man. And, sensing her reluctance, he never acted on his desires even after she became a widow. That is, until she says she’s marrying another man. He decides he has waited long enough.
Jamie never expected to find herself in bed, tied up and shivering with desire, especially not with Seth. But through one night and day filled with passion, she finds him as addictive as liquor. She knows it will never last. She is older and has too much responsibility. But, when he refuses to take no for an answer, she begins to think that maybe things could be different.
But someone is hell bent on making sure the two of them never find happiness and will do anything—including murder—to keep them from succeeding.

Explicit sex, spanking, seduction by a younger man, a little bit of bondage for fun, and a whole lot of teasing guaranteed to make ya hot under the collar and enough passion to give your spurs a twirl.

I haven't yet read all of Melissa's books, but I can tell you that many of them are on my TBB list! I have read A LITTLE HARMLESS SEX, a fun "friends to lovers" romance that is especially steamy. GRACE UNDER PRESSURE is another goodie - again, plenty of romantic spice, and a bit of suspense. THE SEDUCTION OF WIDOW MCEWAN is a western, and before you dismiss it as not being your style, I have to say that I typically prefer contemps, especially romantic suspense, and I absolutely loved this one. I was a tad hesitant because of the older woman/younger man theme - I tend to stay away from them. Again, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't made to be a huge deal - the age difference wasn't that great, although back then I'm sure that every year made a big difference in society's eyes. Anyway, I've done a brief review below, and seriously hope that you'll check this book out. I would add that despite the blurb's disclaimer about spanking and bondage, it's very mild and written lightly - sweetly erotic, I would say - so don't dismiss this book, thinking that it will be too dark.
Jamie McEwan had a loveless marriage to a man who preferred sexual encounters with prostitutes rather than his young wife. She always felt that there must be something wrong with her. When her husband dies, she throws herself into running their ranch, refusing the help of her father to take over for her. When Jamie's brother believes that she is considering marriage to another older man, a neighbor who only wants to join ranches, he asks his best friend, Seth, to step in and look out for her.
Seth steps in all right, but not in the manner Jamie's brother has in mind. He seduces Jamie while accompanying her on a cattle selling trip, making her feel beautiful and feminine. Seth wants more than just one night with Jamie though, and when she suggests they continue their relationship with a simple romantic affair, he begins to doubt whether he will ever convince her of his true feelings.
Jamie can scarcely believe the feelings that Seth makes her feel. She has known him for several years as her brother's best friend, and after his sweet seduction, she finds herself confused over the emotions he brings about. When Seth proclaims his love for her, she's fearful of ending up brokenhearted again once he tires of her.
Melissa Schroeder has an excellent voice and I'm confident that you'll enjoy her books just as much as I have. I'm intrigued by several of her other books and look forward to reading more of her work.

Thanks for checking this out!



Jennifer Y. said...

This sounds great! I am actually a fan of westerns.

I haven't read this author's books before...will have to check them out.

Barb V. said...

I'm not usually a fan of historicals or westerns, but you certainly make this book sound appealing. And sometimes a change of pace is good. I believe I need to buy this book today.

Cathy said...

I am a big fan of Melissa's storytelling and am looking forward to reading this book.

Jane said...

I haven't read any of Melissa's books, but I have my eye on "The Accidental Countess."

Melissa said...

Laurie and Cathy, thanks so much for your kind words about my writing.
Jane, Jennifer and Barb, I hope you enjoy the book!

flchen1 said...

Laurie, Melissa's a new author for me, but thanks for the introduction--it sounds like I'd love her work. I'll have to go find it! :)

Stacy~ said...

Sounds like a great story, and I liked your review Laurie.

Barb V. said...

Just wanted to say that I bought this book, and am really enjoying it. As usual Laurie, your recomendation was on the money. I will definitely be buying more of Melissa's books. They all look great. Thanks for doing this review.

Laurie D. said...

Thanks everyone for stopping! I would encourage anyone unfamiliar with Melissa to check out her work - she writes in several romance genres and I'm sure you'll find at least one that's a good fit!

Barb! I'm so happy that you're enjoying it - I knew you would!! Don't you love discovering new authors that "work" for you?

Melissa said...

Barb- Thanks so much and I am so glad you are enjoying the book:)
Laurie- I am the same way. When I find a new author I might not have read before, I go insane, buying everything I can of theirs. My husband always cringes when I find a new author because he can imagine the money I am about to spend on books, lol

Judy F said...

This books sounds really good. I will have to ck it out. Great job