Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SPIN THE BOTTLE by Elizabeth Scott

When author Elizabeth Scott (aka Janice Maynard) sent me her latest book, SPIN THE BOTTLE, for review it was with the directive that if I found it too risqué or became uncomfortable in reading it, I was under no obligation to do a review. This anthology contains the stories of three couples who are long-time friends. While vacationing together at a North Carolina beach house, the six of them over-imbibe and play a risqué version of Spin the Bottle. These stories center around the fantasies secretly divulged between each couple as they took turns playing a very adult version of the well-known game.

First in this anthology is MASTER OF THE HOUSE, the story of Rena and Paul, a highly successful corporate couple whose marriage is livened up by a game of master and slave. Rena is a fierce businesswoman, but it appears that something is missing at home. Her life changes dramatically both at work and at home when Paul becomes her master.

Second up is YOUR PLACE OR MINE? Jackie and Rod married young and lacked the maturity and wisdom to make their marriage last, divorcing after just one year of marriage. After nearly a decade apart, the two have remarried and have a fantasy that could will either strengthen their new relationship or bring it to a crushing end.

The final story is DOCTOR, DOCTOR . . . which gives a glimpse at the passionate marriage of Ed and Charmaine. While these two have a thriving marriage, typical female fears and insecurities have Charmaine wanting more. Cleaning out the medical office of Ed’s recently deceased uncle leads to some very interesting experiments with the strange instruments they discover.

I have to admit that the sexuality in these stories was a tad over the top for my own personal tastes, but unlike any erotica I’ve ever read, these characters are deeply in love and are totally committed to each other. Elizabeth’s book may be a little bold for fans of erotic romance, but if you are a fan of erotica with a softening from a touch of sweet (yes, sweet!) romance, you should run out and grab a copy because I feel certain that you will enjoy it.

Thanks to Elizabeth for asking me to read this, even knowing that it might be a little stronger, so to speak, than my usual reading choices.

You can find Elizabeth Scott on Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/authorelizabethscott



Jodi said...

This sounds like a good book to me! I have it on my Amazon wishlist so think I'll order in the next week or so.

Stacy~ said...

Great review Laurie. The erotica was a bit too extreme for me as well, but I think some readers may enjoy it. I think that the best thing about the stories was portrayal of these fantasies within strong, happy marriages. That makes all the difference.

Laurie said...

Wow, Sounds interesting!

JaniceMaynard said...

Laurie - Thanks for not disowning me! I do appreciate your reading the book and doing a review!

Happy Halloween.

Janice Maynard
aka Elizabeth Scott

Judy F said...

I need to get to this too. Great review. Janice we love you