Thursday, June 28, 2007

LESLIE KELLY - two new releases!

July brings two times the fun from author Leslie Kelly. ( ) I have read and enjoyed several of Leslie Kelly's books, so it was no hardship when Alison Kent put out a shout for bloggers to read and then chat about Leslie's latest releases. Here's a little blurb about HEAT WAVE:

Leslie joins hot Harlequin authors Stephanie Bond and Heidi Betts in this super-sexy summer sizzler. It’s hot fun at the beach…perfect for your hot day at the beach! And Leslie’s story, “Getting Into Trouble” is the latest addition to her Trouble, PA series!
Basic Beach Necessities: Sunscreen Umbrella Pedicure
A little magic…
Single mom Allie Cavanaugh has played nice with others for too long. Then Allie finds herself kissing a powerfully magnetic hypnotist at a carnival--in front of an audience! Sure, maybe she’s mesmerized, or maybe the “real” Allie is finally waking up…

I found myself wondering how they got my picture for the cover of HEAT WAVE? I'm just kidding of course, I don't look anything like that - I'm blonde. All joking aside, this is where I have to admit that I was new to Leslie Kelly's "Trouble" series, but now that I've read these two (don't I read every series out of order? lol), I'll be grabbing the previous books in the series without a doubt! I think it's important to stress that these books stand very capably on their own. Previous characters are mentioned, but not without a brief explanation of who they are and how they came into the series - smoothly and excellently done, if you ask me.

Leslie's story in the HEAT WAVE anthology is the story of Allie Cavanaugh, a single mother determined to make a fresh start. Damon Cole has left his job as a counselor/caseworker with Children's Services after a case he was involved with was grossly mishandled, resulting in the tragic death of a child. When he goes to visit his grandparents, he finds himself unbelievably accepting the position of mesmerist in a traveling carnival. Allie ends up on his stage and when mesmerized by Damon to reveal her secret wish, she expresses in explicit detail her wish to find a man who desires her and wants nothing more than to please and satisfy her. Needless to say, there's an immediate connection between the two and they are both very happy. The heartache comes crashing in once Damon explains to Allie the tragedy at his previous job and the profound affect it had on his life, especially his decision to never have children. Allie hasn't yet told Damon about her son, who is the light of her life; thinking she'd finally found Mr. Right, she is absolutely crushed. Allie and Damon are extremely likable characters and their story is a sweet one. Secondary characters are a quirky mix of personalities and add a great deal to the story. Like the stories in most anthologies, this is a quick read, but it doesn't feel rushed and is very satisfying.

Now, on to SHE'S NO ANGEL. Here's a little blurb:

Mike Taylor was one SORRY New York cop.
If only he’d taken another route to Trouble, Pennsylvania. Then he’d never have rescued a tire-iron-toting, drop-dead-gorgeous woman whose crazy aunts had stolen her shoes and keys and left her more than a little pissed off. There was no way he was ready to get involved with someone like Jennifer, let alone the decades-old murder case swirling around her nutty family!
But writer Jennifer Feeney was one provocative package. And her latest bestseller had stirred up a whole lot of trouble. Which meant that, between rescuing her again and again, Mike had fallen for her, big-time. Just the way he’d promised himself he wouldn’t. Now it looks as if her family’s past is going to catch up with both of them, and it’s time for Mike to choose—solve the case...or get the girl.

From the moment NYC cop Mike Taylor meets author Jennifer Feeney, there's never a dull moment. Not in a slapstick kind of way, but there's an unmistakable attraction right off the bat, and clever banter that will make you smile - repeatedly. Mike is in Trouble, PA to visit his aging grandfather when he runs into Jen walking alongside the road, barefoot and wielding a tire-iron, muttering something about murdering her two aunts. After he rescues her from the side of the road again the next day after another episode with her nutty aunts, and then the two are thrown together at a dinner party soon after, it's clear (this is a romance, after all) that the two are going to hook up. When Mike learns that Jen has been threatened, seemingly by an unhappy reader, he quickly steps in to keep her safe. Mike's grandfather is a fun-loving, worldly old guy who seems to have an endless array of matchmaking skills up his sleeve. Between the grandfather and his British butler, Jen's two aunts and a mysterious murder looming from their past, and a side romance that is just too sweet, the secondary characters are a colorful addition to Mike and Jen's romance, serving to round out a very entertaining book. Fun quips from Jen's "books" open each chapter and I found myself looking forward to them.

I realize that this has been very wordy, even for me, but I truly hope that you'll check these books out - Amazon links are below. I'm going to get my hands on the first two very soon! Thank you Leslie and Alison for allowing me to chat about these great books!




Leslie said...

Laurie thanks soooo much for the wonderful reviews. I truly appreciate your support!

Leslie Kelly

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Great review Laurie - Alison posted the link at her blog too.