Wednesday, July 05, 2006

HIGH STAKES - Erin McCarthy's vampire novel is a winner!

Erin McCarthy has written several of my favorite romance novels, with Heiress for Hire being my absolute favorite. I swear that my heart still catches a little just thinking about it. Besides being an incredibly talented author, Erin is as sweet as she can be and she has a wonderful sense of humor.
Erin's upcoming release, HIGH STAKES, scheduled for August release, is her first vampire novel and it is great fun. My first vampire read was a couple of years ago and I have to admit that I don't need both hands to count the number that I've read since then. Many are too gory and graphic and that's just not my cup of tea. Erin's Ethan Carrick is simply adorable as a Las Vegas casino owner and prosecutor Alexis Baldizzi is a perfect match for him, the first woman to actually resist his irresistible charm. Erin's wonderful sense of humor shines in this book and her knack for writing passionate love scenes is once again evident. Honestly, who wouldn't fall for a vampire who is capable of fulfilling your every desire, satisfying your every need, with just one hand while suspending you both over the Sphinx?
Below is my Romance Junkies review for HIGH STAKES - I hope you'll check it out and then go pre-order this book immediately, you won't regret it! Don't forget to also check out Erin's website where there's always something fun going on!

When tough as nails prosecuting attorney Alexis Baldizzi rescues her sister from the clutches of vampire Ethan Carrick by agreeing to stand in as his pretend girlfriend, she quickly realizes that she is in for an interesting battle, but just this once she seems destined to lose . . . her heart.
When Alexis Baldizzi learns that her sister, Brittany, has left behind her dental practice and moved into a suite at a luxury casino owned by Ethan Carrick, she is determined to get her out. She is humored when Brittany tells her that Ethan, his friends and employees are all vampires, further disbelieving when Ethan tries to explain that he is a candidate for the vampire presidency and is in need of a temporary, intelligent, non-vampire girlfriend, to soften his image. Alexis agrees to play the part and is eventually shown evidence to support Ethan’s vampire defense. Ethan is the most gorgeous man that Alexis has ever known, and once she stops fighting both him and her attraction to him, she discovers that the saying “Bite Me” has taken on an entirely new meaning.
Ethan Carrick has been around for nine hundred years and not once in that time has he met a woman who fascinates him the way Alexis Baldizzi does. He thought his dentist, Brittany Baldizzi, was perfect to play the part of his girlfriend; she’s tall, beautiful and perfectly sweet. That thought quickly evaporated once he met her sister, Alexis, a cute little pixie of a woman with the tenacity of a pit bull and handfuls of luscious curves. Ethan finds her to be a refreshing challenge and enjoys her company as he has no other woman in centuries. When attempts on Ethan’s life escalate into threats against Alexis, there is nothing in the world he won’t do to protect her.
Erin McCarthy repeatedly shows her gift of incredible talent by writing stories with creative wit and humor, while maintaining those character qualities that we all want in a great romance. HIGH STAKES gives readers just that with characters who, despite one being a vampire, have the most simplistic wants and needs; whose emotions and desires are shared by everyone. Ethan and Alexis are both self-assuredly aggressive and determined to have their way; the banter between the two of them is cleverly written and will have readers laughing, just as their passions will make your heart beat just a little bit faster. This is not a book to be missed whether you are a long-time vampire reader or just cutting your vampiric teeth; you won’t be disappointed.


Stacy~ said...

Hey Laurie, I have this in my tbr pile - I want to be surprised, so I didn't read past your first paragraph, but I like what you wrote about Erin - I have to agree with you. You nailed it exactly.

Once I read the book I'll check out your review. Fab blogging, my dear - you get right to the heart of it. I enjoy my daily visit :)

Laurie D. said...

Hey Stacy - My reviews are supposed to entice you to read the story, not tell the story! Do I reveal too much in my reviews? Heavens, I hope not. In a nutshell-Ethan and Alexis are scrumptious together and you'll love their story!

Cryna said...

Hi Laurie

I don't think that you reveal too much of the story in your reviews but you sure do make a person want to go out and get the book to read.
Thanks for a great review, and for adding to my wants list...........LOL

Erin McCarthy said...

Thanks for the great review, Laurie! I'm so glad you liked High Stakes. :-) And I love your line about the Sphinx. LOL. That just says it all, doesn't it??

I think your reviews are always a good combo of details and discretion. I don't think you give anything away!

The banter between Alexis and Ethan was fun to write, and they play off each other so well, they of course reappear quite a bit in the next two books in the series. :-)

Judy F said...

Hi Laurie, I can't wait to read this book. Sounds like a winner.

Laurie D. said...

Cryna and Judy, you won't be disappointed - this book is great fun!

Erin, I'm glad you were pleased. I truly did enjoy Ethan and Alexis bunches and look forward to the next two books in this series!

I hope everyone has a great Friday!!

Barb V. said...

Another great review Laurie. I already have this one on order at Amazon, and reading your review makes me want it *now*! This will be one that I start reading the day that I get it. You can't miss with one of Erin's books. They are always a pleasure.

Jennifer Y. said...

Sounds like a good book! Can't wait to read it!