Friday, May 19, 2006

Brenda Novak's auction to benefit the JDRF

Author Brenda Novak is once again holding her online auction to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation ( Brenda's young son has juvenile diabetes so this project is very close to her heart. The auction is approximately at the halfway mark, and I encourage you to check it out. There are many wonderful items up for bid and while a few are a little pricey for the average person, it's ok because there are plenty items that are very affordable. Thank heavens for those people with the fatter wallets who are able to bid generously! I was the successful bidder for some great books last year and am faring well so far this year on several items. Below is the link to Brenda's auction site - go, shop, bid!!

I have diabetes and I have three friends whose children were diagnosed very early in their young lives as having juvenile diabetes, so I can vouch for the importance of research funding in an effort to fight this very serious disease.

Thanks for checking it out!

Have a terrific, safe weekend,


Stacy~ said...

Laurie, I had no idea you had diabetes. I also know several people who have it and it can make a lot of medical issues more complicated, depending on how severely someone has it (taking insulin, etc). It can make healing more difficult. I am with you on supporting this cause for everyone, but especially for children.

Laurie D. said...

I was diagnosed about two years ago, Stacy. Diabetes runs rampant through my mother's family. I'm more fortunate than most in my family however, as I've been able to control mine with oral medication, diet and exercise, no shots required.

Stacy~ said...

That's a relief, Laurie. It's not the worst thing to be diagnosed with, but it can be a serious health issue in many ways. You can not really take for granted the necessity of diet and exercise. Hugs to you, sweetie.

Jill said...

Laurie, I'm diabetic too, and so is one of my daughters. Brenda's auction goes to a great cause.